Monday, May 10, 2010

Feedback from Rob Henderson & Caricature Aircraft Pictures

You already found this nice caricature in my blog's left sidebar? It's a 75th Fighter Squadron Hog, created by Rob Henderson, U.K. Last week, on May 6, 2010, I got the following kind e-mail from Rob:

Hello Joachim!

Just found your blog about the A-10 Thunderbolt II as I was searching for up-to-date info on weapon configurations carried by the A-10 fleet while on current combat operations.... very surprised & extremely happy to see you have made reference to my A-10 caricature artwork from my website !!

Thank you very much indeed for displaying that there for your readers to see! Very kind of you Sir!

You may (or may not) be interested to know that the reason for my search for information is that I am working on a completely new A-10 caricature artwork, which I hope to release later this month. The original caricature on my website was created way back in 1994 and by my standards today is (I feel at least) looking a little tired.

I am working on the basis of an A-10C Thunderbolt with all the latest external modifications, but I am undecided as to the squadron to represent! I may paint the aircraft as an anonymous airframe (no squadron markings) and then have reproductions of the various current squadron badges surrounding the main aircraft.... trouble is I really do like the hog nose-art, especially the designs on the "Razorbacks" of the Arkansas ANG.... Ah! The agony of choice!

If you have any suggestions or ideas yourself, please feel free to let me know - it will be a pleasure to chat to you!

Thank you again. I wish you continued success with your work on the A-10!

Best regards from the UK

Rob Henderson
4 Sheerwater Terrace,
East Sussex,
TN34 2PU

Caricature Aircraft Pictures is proud to work with the armed forces of the UK, NATO and their Allies!

All images & artwork are Copyright of Rob Henderson & Caricature Aircraft Pictures (c) 1992 - 2010.

Many thanks for your feedback, Rob. An updated A-10C caricature would be very nice. The problem is: It's very dificult to intentify an A-10C from the outside. At first: If visible on close-up canopy hi-res shots, you will notice a broadened upper front instrument panel without the older panel shroud "eyebrows". Best outside proves for the A-10C upgrade are related to the targeting pods: AN-AAQ-28 LITENING AT either on station 2 or 10, Sniper XR either on stations 2 or 10, and also either on stations 3 or 9. In a couple of days, I will upload some more info about current A-10C OEF combat loadouts. "Razorbacks" nose art would be very great, in contrast to other A-10C expeditionary fighter squadrons already deployed for OIF and OEF.

What's the opinion from my Warthog News visitors? Any help?

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