Thursday, January 7, 2010

Latest 103rd Fighter Squadron official A-10 shot

Team D-2 defeated 31 other teams during Sports Day II held October 4, 2009, at Willow Grove Air Reserve Station, Pennsylvania. Sports Day consists of indoor and outdoor activities geared towards fostering camaraderie and teamwork and having fun. Note: The A-10 in the background is either 78-0658 or 82-0658. The weapon on station 2 looks to me like an old CBU-87 cluster bomb, and not like a newer Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser (WCMD). But I'm not 100% sure. Any comments? (U.S. Air Force photo) Hi-res

Note: Since October 2009, everyday I had checked 111th Fighter Wing's public website for a hi-res version of this interesting picture (only regarding to the A-10 in the background). Unfortunately, there was only a "dead" hi-res link. But since today (or since last night), the hi-res version is available now.

And so, I decided to post this older picture now (because 103rd Fighter Squadron A-10 shots are very rare).


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