Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some more historical A-10 video stuff online now

By Joachim Jacob

In October 2009, Carroll McAllister, a former A-10 Maintenancer from United States, published some archived A-10 video stuff on veoh and also on Windows Live. These very hot videos were first-linked in the Hog Chat on the Warthog Territory Forums.

The following video "A Day in the Life of England Air Force Base" (running time 13:49) was shot by local KLAX TV 31 back in the early '80s. It shows a "typical" training mission flown by pilots of the 76th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Vanguards", 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing "Flying Tigers", England AFB, Louisiana, from the initial briefing through the pre-flight, launch, and an ICT.

On the WTF, Carroll wrote: This video is so "early 1980's", that you'll see not all of the 76th aircraft have had their "Tiger Teeth" painted on the nose. You'll also see an older version of the famed Tiger's Teeth on some of the aircraft on the 76th flightline.

It follows a "typical" training mission flown by pilots from the 76th Fighter Squadron "Vanguards" of the 23rd Fighter Wing "Flying Tigers" that at the time were based at England Air Force Base, Louisiana. We get to see a squadron mission briefing, followed by a briefing and review of the upcoming mission by two of the 76th FS pilots. You'll see them prepare for the mission, and watch one of them launch, assisted by a young "Country" Clark, a crew chief in the 76th Aircraft Maintenance Unit. You'll also see an ICT (Integrated Combat Turn), getting the aircraft ready for its next flight.

Watch A Day in the Life of England Air Force Base in Bildung & Gewusst wie  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Note: The launch sequence is of A-10 80-0177, the ICT sequence is of A-10 80-0178. Both aircraft from the former 76th TFS were deployed for Operation Desert Storm. During the ICT, A-10 80-0178 is re-armed with 30mm munition and two Mavericks.

According to "The Modern Hog Guide", the A-10's gun can be re-loaded with both engines running and the pilot in the cockpit. During an Integrated Combat Turn (ICT), the pilot stops the jet, the crewchief safes any remaining armament, and the Dragon is hooked up to replenish the gun, all with both engines running. The jet then departs on another mission.

The aerial sequence is showing an unidentified grey-painted A-10 and also an A-10 painted in mottled camouflage patterns, which became collectively known as the JAWS schemes.

Other videos:

Fairchild Industries A-10 Demo film (12:47)

East Coast A-10 Demo Flight - 1 of 2 (11:32)

East Coast A-10 Demo Flight - 2 of 2 (13:12)

The Return of the 76th Tactical Fighter Squadron from Desert Storm (57:24). Note: You only get to see a 5 minute preview, unless you download Veoh's video player.

Dedication of the Flying Tigers Heritage Air Park - December 1988 (01:49)

Watch the videos on veoh
Watch the videos on Windows Live

Special thanks to Carroll for publishing this rare video stuff! It's very important to the A-10 history books.

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