Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A-10C upgrade news article in Military Aircraft Monthly

By Joachim Jacob

As Warthog News contributor Mariusz Krawczyk from Poland told me via e-mail, in their September 2009 issue Military Aircraft Monthly published a news article "Upgrading the 'Hog'" (to the A-10C level) by Andy Evans (4 pages with 10 photos). Text preview: Following its success in the 1991 Gulf War the USAF's 'Warthogs' were seen to be worthy of investment in new systems and weaponry. From what was to have been an ignominious ending, being replaced by another version of the ubiquitous F-16, the A-10 continues to be a valuable asset, and is now enjoying continued success with the A-10C variant.

Military Aircraft Monthly is distributed by SAM Publications, U.K.

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