Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wing’s newest members see A-10’s up close

During the field trip at Saylor Creek target range on July 11, 2009, many members from the Idaho Air National Guard 124th Wing and the 124th Student Flight watch for their first time as the 190th Fighter Squadron's A-10 aircraft fly by them shooting ground weapons at targets near by. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech Sgt. Becky Vanshur) Hi-res

by Tech Sgt Becky Vanshur
124th Wing Public Affairs Office

7/17/2009 - GOWEN FIELD, Boise, Idaho -- More than 50 wing members, including more than 30 new members in the 124th Wing Student Flight, gathered for a field trip to Saylor Creek Training Area south of Mountain Home Air Force Base July 11.

The Saylor Creek visit - the first of its kind - was proposed by State Command Chief Master Sgt. Pete Glick for the student flight members and expanded to include the rest of the wing.

Many of the guard members have never seen weapons being shot from the A-10 aircraft, especially up close. Tech. Sgt. Perry Sharp from the 124th Wing Chaplain's Support Staff said, "I was surprised by the speed of the aircraft. It was an uplifting experience."

The members of the Student Flight got to experience the capabilities of the A-10 aircraft and see the pilots practice their accuracy and skills.

Student flight member Edward Griffith said, "This experience has inspired me to continue with my dreams of becoming a fighter pilot in the Air Force."

A-10 Pilot 1st Lt. Ryan Brown of the 190th Fighter Squadron gave an overview on the different targets located at Saylor Creek and an informative description on how the pilots hit their targets.

Tech. Sgt. Steven Vinsonhaler, NCO in charge of the student flight, said he hopes to keep the idea of two Saylor Creek visits yearly going.

"The turn out was definitely a success, especially for the student flight side. Many of the individuals of the student flight were interested in becoming pilots and now this trip has furthered that interest into a future goal for them. The wing members were excited to see the impact and end result of dropping overall powerful trip that is a learning experience and an increase for morale." he said.


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