Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Battle Creek A-10s caught at London IAP, Canada

Two A-10s from the 172th Fighter Squadron, 110th Fighter Wing (Michigan ANG), Battle Creek, Michigian, were caught just after arrival at London International Airport (YXU/CYXU), London, Ontario, Canada, June 22, 2009. The following pictures were first-published on Visible loadouts: AN/AAQ-28 LITENING AT tageting pod on station 10, empty LAU-117/A rail for Maverick on station 9, MXU-648 baggage pod on station 6, CATM-65 Maverick on station 3.

A-10 80-0222 without unit markings. (Photo by Frank Robitaille) Hi-res

A-10 81-0998 still with 110th Fighter Wing unit markings. (Photo by Frank Robitaille) Hi-res

Special thanks to Frank Robitaille from Canada for permission to post his unique shots on my blog!

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  1. These A-10s are now at Mt. Clemens, Michigan No plane at Battle Creek, thanks to our Canadian Governor and Senators who like to take care of the east side of the state.

    Concerned, waiting for the next election.

    A Battle Creek resident