Friday, December 12, 2008

A-10 'Warthog' inspired customize motorcycle designer

By Joachim Jacob

The ultimate 2008 Xmas gift for "Hog Drivers" should be the brand-new Warthog ZX-10 from Icon Motosports in Portland, Oregon, United States. Eyecatchers of this killer bike are the six-barrel "Minigun" mounted to the front (in contrast to the eight-barrel Gatling gun on the real A-10), and a huge shark mouth (still wearing by 23rd Fighter Group A-10Cs at Moody AFB, Georgia, after their relocation from Pope AFB, North Carolina, due to BRAC 2005 changes). And the whole thing is decaled with ammunition and empty cartridges. In fact, it's a customized version of the Kawasaki ZX10.


Icon's product statement:

In the 70's, the United States Air Force developed the A-10 (a.k.a. "Warthog") as a means of supporting ground troops with massive firepower... Mission Accomplished! Flash forward 35 years and now its Icon's turn to support the ground troops with our version of "Superior Firepower".

Built over a period of 8 weeks in AREA 13 of the ICON compound, The Warthog ZX-10 epitomizes the Icon mentality of performance based product. Obviously the first thing that grabs one's attention is the 800 watt MTX audio system. It'll spit "Symphony of Destruction" in the twisties or blast lil Wayne at the local bike night. But audio by itself isn't enough. So we added an 8" LCD screen to view Full Metal Jacket, Iron Eagle, or Top Gun and the ability to broadcast a view of the victims left in the wake via an integrated rear view camera. And, yes, the A/V system will run off the 10's own charging system.

The motor, much like the stereo, was designed to thump. Dyno'd at 188 RWHP, it'll stomp just about any 'show' bike on the circuit today. The graphics, based on the Icon Domain II Warthog helmet, were painstakingly applied by Icon's own in-house staff.

And like the aircraft that has defended our country's interests for 3+ decades, this tribute machine is yet another Ugly Beast that "Hog Drivers" throughout the world will regard as "One wicked machine"!


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