Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flying Tigers to reunite

by Airman 1st Class Frances Locquiao
23rd Wing Public Affairs

11/3/2008 - MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- Starting Nov. 5 Moody will experience a blast from the past as former and current members of the 23rd Wing congregate for the 2008 23rd Flying Tiger Association Reunion.

The three-day event, held since the 1950s, is also a celebration of the 23rd Wing's 66th anniversary. Of the 69-74 guests expected to come, approximately 20 Flying Tigers who served during World War II and several surviving spouses will attend.

"The reunion allows the Flying Tigers from World War II to reunite and spend time together," said Maj. Jeff Hogan, 23rd Wing chief of plans and reunion planner. "It's also an opportunity for current Flying Tigers to meet those who laid our proud heritage and learn about the wing's heritage from them firsthand."

The veterans also have the opportunity to learn about the wing's current mission and capabilities.

The 23rd Fighter Group and 347th Rescue Group will team-up to show the wing's rescue and attack mission through a combat search and rescue demonstration on Grand Bay Range Nov. 6.

Other activities planned for the event include briefings and static displays of the A-10C Thunderbolt II, HC-130P King and HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter. Through these several events, Moody Airmen have the chance to interact with the veterans.

"It is important for the Airmen of the 23rd Wing to understand the immense responsibility we have been given when we take on the moniker 'Flying Tigers'," said Major Hogan. "Our World War II generation set pretty high standards and have an unrivaled history in combat. Subsequent generations of Flying Tigers have done no less. Unless every Airman understands those who have gone before them, they won't truly understand what a privilege, honor and responsibility it is to be a Flying Tiger."

The reunion will culminate with a 23rd Wing/23rd Flying Tiger Association dinner on Nov. 8 at hanger 718, with retired Gen. T. Michael Moseley as the guest speaker.

For more information regarding the various reunion events, please contact your respective unit leadership.


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